It has been said that fool-proof vehicles breed fools and illegal tyres are a prime example. Reliability breeds complacency and modern vehicles are so good that drivers rarely think about vehicle condition.

Repeated research shows that drivers seldom or never check the condition and pressures of their tyres. The single most common reason for driver training to be cancelled is illegal tyres. Drivers arrive for pre-booked training without looking at the tread depth beforehand. Training companies have no option but to cancel the session, meaning everybody’s time and money has been wasted.

The only contact you have with the road is your tyres. The only grip you have on the road is provided by your tyres. Drivers simply cannot expect perfect handling and road-holding with imperfect tyres. Service intervals are getting longer, which compounds the problem. A technician may only see the vehicle annually so regular checks by your drivers are vital.

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You can now also assess your fleet risk free-of-charge with our quick and easy to use online Fleet Audit which provides guidance on the management of employees who drive on company business, and the vehicles they drive. It covers all aspects of fleet risk management and may include areas of risk you haven’t considered.

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