In the event of a summons being issued that could result in a driving ban, policy holders will receive up to £25,000-worth of defence costs to ensure they are properly represented in court. And if that defence is unsuccessful, then fixed monthly financial support payments will be made for the duration of the ban.

The policy, called Licence Assist offers motorists legal advice on all matters of motoring law; legal representation to defend a motoring prosecution and financial benefits to help them deal with the costly consequences of losing their driving licence. According to the level of policy chosen, fixed benefits of £500, £1,000 or £1,500 a month will be paid to cover the debilitating effects of a driving ban. If a business purchases cover on behalf of its drivers, this payment is made to the business.

Phil Hayes, managing director of 2direct ltd, who created the concept, said, “We have designed Licence Assist to help motorists who need to be able to drive, for work or for personal reasons. All drivers should have proper advice and be in a position to defend themselves. However, the legal costs can often be prohibitive for those who would suffer the most from a driving ban. The policy offers legal advice, defence of motor prosecutions, and a fixed monthly benefit in the event that you lose your licence.

“This isn’t about negating the penalties of a driving ban, which is why the legal advice and defence representation are very important parts of the cover. We also support speed awareness courses and will cover the costs to the driver for this educational element. The idea is to also help mitigate the wider effects on those affected by a driving ban, such as families and employers.”

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