After a long summer suddenly the weather is feeling a lot colder. Winter is clearly just around the corner and snow and ice could hit parts of Britain over the next couple of months.

Employees who drive on business need guidance to help them make safer decisions during periods of bad weather. Cardinus Winter Driving Seminars are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of preparing drivers for treacherous winter roads.

Cardinus offers in-house seminars for your company car and grey fleet drivers, providing potentially life-saving advice on how to prepare for and deal with winter driving conditions.

The seminars can be held at your premises anywhere in the UK for up to 25 delegates at a time. The aim of the seminar is to provide drivers with an insight into the causes of road accidents and provide a forum for individuals to discuss their own experiences and attitudes to winter driving.

Email for further details of our Winter Driving Seminars.

You can now also assess your fleet risk free-of-charge with our quick and easy to use online Fleet Audit which provides guidance on the management of employees who drive on company business, and the vehicles they drive. It covers all aspects of fleet risk management and may include areas of risk you haven’t considered.

For free access to the Fleet Audit click here.

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