Cardinus Risk Management has created an ergonomics risk management and training programme that has been designed especially for laboratory workers.

The company has drawn on its enormous experience of ergonomics and display screen equipment (DSE) training to create the new product. Its award-winning Healthy Working has been leading the market for more than 15 years.

The new Cardinus programme for laboratory workers, Laboratory Ergonomics Plus has been produced under the expert guidance of Andrew Nicholson, BSC (Hons), MIEHF, CMIOSH, managing director of Axis Ergonomics Ltd and a principal consultant with more than 30 years experience in the fields of ergonomics and occupational health and safety.

Jon Abbott, managing director – ergonomics and safety at Cardinus Risk Management, said, “Laboratory workers are exposed to an astonishing number of ergonomic risks. While laboratories have undergone significant investment to make the more productive the environment, equipment and working practices in a laboratory create very specific problems for workers health. I believe laboratories need a dedicated programme designed to deal with the specific challenges of laboratory work, Laboratory Ergonomics Plus fulfills that need.”

“Working with Andrew Nicholson has been a very rewarding experience. His knowledge and advice in the area of laboratory ergonomics have been invaluable. Cardinus customers can now enjoy the benefits of our combined knowledge as we continue to work with Andrew to deliver the service.”

Laboratories differ from typical work and DSE environments in a number of ways. Staff often use stools to sit at workbenches. They are required to use microscopes and other specialist optical equipment. Hazardous materials may require the use of enclosures or protective clothing and environments are often very carefully controlled. All of these challenges and many more have been considered in the design of Laboratory Ergonomics from Cardinus.

The programme can be tailored to meet the needs of all laboratory-based businesses, from large multi-nationals to small and medium-sized enterprises. Cardinus has been developing effective DSE and ergonomics programmes for more than 15 years. Its customers include many of the world’s leading organisations, central government departments and unions.

The Cardinus approach to effective DSE management is to apply simple programmes that provide a modular, adaptable solution. Workstation Safety Plus, the innovative online DSE assessment and e-learning solution, provides award-winning solutions that are fully endorsed by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management.

Cardinus provides on-site and telephonic DSE assessments and, when needed, will supply DSE triage and case management solutions.

For more information about Cardinus Risk Management, phone 020 7469 0200, email or visit

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