Cardinus has rebuilt our popular road safety e-learning program Safe Driving Plus “from the ground up”. The new version will be available from Friday 22 May.

The redesigned software will feature many innovations, including a built-in risk assessment that tailors the individual user’s experience to their driver training needs. The training is focused on incident avoidance.

The all-new Safe Driving Plus is a significant leap forward for road safety e-learning. By combining the five-minute risk assessment with the 20-minute training course we are able to fit the training to the needs of the user. Business drivers who score low on the risk assessment might not need to do the e-learning at all. This saves the organisation time and money, while still providing peace of mind and a record of the assessment for compliance.

Safe Driving Plus also contains several multimedia features, including interactive video and animations. A brief tutorial explains the simple controls on the screen and sections contain links to resources for drivers who want or need to understand aspects of safe driving in more detail.

We have rebuilt Safe Driving Plus from the ground up. It incorporates the latest thinking and best practice in both road safety and e-learning. The course features powerful examples of real road situations from around the country, providing information and advice on how to deal with them safely. Cardinus is able to draw on its huge collection of images, videos and animated reconstructions to give its customers the best possible safe driving experience from their screens.

We have also put a lot of work into making the e-learning experience enjoyable. At 20 minutes it will fit into everybody’s working day without major disruption and the course process proceeds in an engaging way that is conducive to learning and information retention.

We will be sending you more information when the software has launched but if you can’t wait until then, get in touch now. Call 020 7469 0200 or email; to be among the first to experience the very best in driver training e-learning.

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