The fuel shortage is on hold for now. How prepared are you and your employees or colleagues for the next round?

Experience tells us that most drivers waste up to a fifth of their fuel; that’s 50-100 miles from each tank. Cardinus would like to offer some miserly tips you can share with the office! Someone will thank you for making the money and the car go further. The bigger the vehicle, the greater the savings possible.

  • Overcoming static friction to get rolling uses more fuel. Could you time arrival at lights and queues so as to avoid stopping and keep rolling?
  • It uses far more fuel to go from 0mph to 30mph than it does from 15mph to 30mph. How could you create the time for the holdup ahead to clear?
  • Cruising under power uses fuel; decelerating doesn’t (the fuel supply is cut off). How far could you travel ‘off the gas’ by looking ahead further?
  • Moving off uphill takes more fuel than moving off on level ground. Do you have to stop on a hill?
  • Accelerating uphill is thirsty work. Could you simply cruise up the hill and gain speed later when the road levels out?
  • Change gears upwards at 2,000rpm (diesel) and 2,500rpm (petrol) unless there is a reason not to. More engine speed means more fuel into the engine per mile!
  • Small changes in speed means large changes in stopping distances and the energy needed to achieve the higher speeds. How fast do you really need to travel?
  • Complying with speed limits saves fuel (and points!). Travelling faster gets you to the next delay quicker so you can spend more time waiting for the lights. What do you really gain?
  • Soft tyres wear out faster (due to heat generated) and the drag uses more fuel, too! When did you last check yours? Don’t trust others with your safety; keep to recommended pressures for your vehicle.
  • Finally, what is your average fuel consumption? If you don’t know how bad you are, how will you know when you’ve improved? Seeing the improvement will inspire you to keep working on it.

For more info on how Cardinus can help you improve your fuel economy please call Cardinus Fleet on 01733 426015 or email [email protected].

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