Handy tips for driving in wet and stormy weather
  1. Fast flowing water carries debris, gravel, slurry> What’s under the surface that you can’t see and should be avoiding?
  2. Beware blocked drains, manhole covers forced up by floodwater.
  3. Don’t enter flood water, it may be deeper and faster than you think.
  4. Tyres nearing replacement won’t clear standing water at speed, how low is your tread? Slow down!
  5. Others might not be as experienced as you, why not allow for their mistakes?
  6. Wet roads will take you longer to stop. Stopping distances are greater on wet roads after a long, dry spell.
  7. Water gathers in dips. Do you know where the high-risk points on your route are?
  8. Allow for other drivers swerving to avoid standing water?
  9. The safest journey is the one you don’t make. Is your trip REALLY necessary?

If you must travel:

  • Headlights on
  • Double your normal space
  • Keep slow and safe – it controls others too!

Body shops love bad weather for the extra business it brings them. Don’t let them have yours!

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