As a response to the COVID-19 crisis and the UK’s return to work, and with a noticeable increased in grey fleet use, Cardinus has launched new virtual driver training solutions for businesses with both one-on-one and group sessions available.

Coming hot on the heels of Cardinus’ launch of remote working and return to work online and consultancy solutions, this virtual training will help drivers

Commenting on the launch, Peter Kinselley, Associate Director of Health and Safety at Cardinus stated,

“We recognised the need to quickly adapt our solutions to meet the new working norm. As the UK returns to a more normal working life, we understood the need to provide innovative solutions to help “re-chip” drivers who are once again getting back into driving on business.

Our virtual sessions are designed to get drivers thinking about the demands and risks they face in what is, for most workers, the biggest workplace risk they face.”


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    Cardinus offers a range of occupational road risk solutions from the development of policies and procedures through to online learning, risk assessments, in-vehicle training, telematics integration and licence checking.

    Peter added,

    “Cardinus is more than just a road risk specialist. We offer fleet audits to help organisations understand the risks they face and we help develop plans, policies and processes to mitigate this serious exposure. As a global leader in ergonomics, we can also add in expertise in respect of manual handling risks, which are a major issue for the commercial delivery and courier market that has grown rapidly in recent months. And, we look at road risk as part of a company-wide safety management system, whereas so many competitors only focus on the driving risk.”

    Andy Hawkes, CEO of Cardinus, added, “Recent media coverage has highlighted the rise in grey fleet – the use of private vehicles for company business – and still too many firms do not realise that the legal liability and duty of care rests with the company.

    All the health and safety laws apply to a vehicle when it is a place of work. As our roads suddenly get busier, with more private vehicles being used for business, it is important that firms understand the risk, put clear policies, risk assessments in place and provide training and guidance to mitigate the risks, and of course, make sure all this is documented.”

    For more information on Cardinus’ fleet risk expertise, call 020 7469 0200 or email [email protected].

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