The Cardinus Fleet magazine is filled with articles written by a host of respected fleet experts and is available to request here

With winter upon us we look at the tricky task of managing your fleet through this period when the risk of accidents increases. The sun is getting lower and the roads are going to get more slippery. To help we have included a safe winter driving centre spread with some important messages for you to share with your drivers.

Keeping drivers safe is always a tough task but we look at the challenges facing the employers of new, young drivers and the additional measures required for this higher risk group.

The magazine also contains advice from a lawyer for line managers with responsibility for staff who drive at work, an update from the Licence Bureau on changes at the DVLA, a case study from the FTA and much more.

The Fleet Manager Resource Pack has been designed to help businesses understand their responsibility for anyone who drives for them, and to help those drivers stay safe on the roads and is available to request here

The resource pack is split into two sections. The first section is specifically for employers and outlines the areas of legislation that directly affect them when employees get behind the wheel on company business.

The second section of the guide is for employees and contains advice on a broad range of safety-related areas including mobile phone use, dealing with fatigue, breakdown procedures, driving in adverse conditions, vehicle maintenance and tyre care. This information can be handed out as leaflets, displayed in poster form or sent to employees by email.

If you need additional information, talk to an expert at Cardinus. Call 020 7469 0200 or email [email protected]

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