Despite a turbulent year – with the world seemingly emerging from one crisis (COVID-19 pandemic) only to enter several others – it’s important not to forget the progress we have made.

Keep reading as Andy Hawkes, CEO, Cardinus Risk Management reflects on Cardinus’ 2022 highlights and makes his predictions for risk management in 2023.

2022: A recap  

The opening of Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities comes to mind: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity”.

It seemed that just as the world was beginning to get back on its feet following the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia invaded Ukraine and a cost-of-living crisis accelerated throughout the year. With levels of inflation not experienced for 40 years, political unrest not only in the UK but globally, and the emergence of industry-wide strike action, 2022 was far from uneventful.

And whilst there has been unparalleled struggle and concern throughout 2022, it’s been an important year of growth and development for us.

Agile solutions for our clients’ ever-changing needs

During 2022, we continued to develop solutions to meet the needs of our clients across the globe. Our focus is always to understand the current and future needs and to passionately deliver on service. We have responded to the changing model of work with hybrid and agile working built into our award-winning Healthy Working solution and we have added new e-learning courses to our hub to meet our clients’ wider needs.

Partnering with Longitude6

We’ve launched a partnership with Australian-based Longitude 6, bringing motion capture and sensor technology to the industrial ergonomics and manual handling arena, and this is already benefiting a number of our clients here in the UK and in the US. Read more about our partnership with Longitude6.

The development of Healthy Working Analytics

The acceleration of hybrid working has also seen us develop Healthy Working Analytics with Stephen Bowden of Morgan Maxwell, a leading chartered ergonomist, providing the expertise to help clients understand the impact on productivity and well-being from the changed working model.

Firmly established as a UK top 3 insurance audit providers

In our property division, we have seen the increasing demand for our BAFE fire risk assessments and RICS Reinstatement Cost Assessments and, as the insurance market continues to harden, we have seen a significant increase in survey numbers as insurers reassess their portfolios.

Our insurance outsourcing team is now firmly established as a UK top 3 provider of audits for a number of major insurers, brokers and managing general agencies. Both these divisions are supported by our market-leading Indigo software platform, enabling clients to book, track, report, and follow up on risk mitigation programs.

Delivering services to over 20 countries

Our consultancy team has provided global health and safety regulatory advice for a number of large clients as well as carrying out audits in over 20 countries. We have delivered behavioural training to one of the UK’s biggest construction and tunneling projects and have also seen the re-emergence of safe travel consultancy and training with clients in the UK and the US. While our fleet risk management division re-emerged with sustained increases in vehicle training as the economy came back to life.

Cardinus’ year in numbers

  • Over 5m user visits to our Healthy Working and other 32 e-learning courses
  • 8,000 Virtual Ergonomics Assessments completed in 47 countries and in 22 languages
  • 3,085 Combined Fire and Health and Safety Assessments
  • 3,016 Insurance Risk Surveys
  • 3,888 Reinstatement Cost Assessments
  • 24% organic revenue growth
  • £120k new investment in IT
  • 7 new employees

And, at last, we were able to celebrate our 25th anniversary – albeit after 27 years – with an employee celebration at the OXO Tower in London.

Looking to the future: Risk management more important than ever

As we move into 2023, it’s clear that many of the global macro challenges will remain although we all pray for an end to the Ukrainian conflict as early as possible and a reduction in inflation to help with the cost-of-living crisis.

The management of risk in all its forms has never been more important and our profession has an increasing part to play in the strategic plans of organisations. From a Cardinus perspective, we have decided to invest heavily in our IT infrastructure in 2023 with a move to a Microsoft Azure platform by the year-end focusing on data security, resilience and performance. This will sit alongside ongoing enhancements to our core products and the development of some innovative additions to our solutions which will emerge as the year unfolds.

Cardinus’ competitive edge

Unlike many of our competitors, Cardinus blends software with services; we are not just a software house, and our aim is to solve 100% of our clients’ problems. So, whether it’s visiting clients to carry out assessments and audits, providing face-to-face training and consultancy alongside our online learning and risk assessments, or delivering virtual assessments via the web, we make sure we don’t leave the problem half solved. This will continue to be our mantra.

We hope 2023 is a safe and successful year for all our clients, and rest assured that Cardinus will continue to listen, learn from, and fully understand today’s and tomorrow’s needs with transparency for the benefit of our clients.

We can help your business

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