Cardinus have been providing software-based solutions for display screen equipment (DSE) training and risk management for 20 years. As one of the world’s first providers of DSE/ergonomics software, Cardinus has seen a number of competitors come and go. A key reason for our success and longevity is down to the ongoing investment we make in our software. This ensures that our solution, Workstation Safety Plus, remains the market-leader that large organisations turn to when they want to implement an effective ergonomics program for their office-based employees.

Over the years, Workstation Safety Plus has seen many changes. There have been ten major versions of the user training and risk assessment, plus two different purpose built management systems, each of which benefitted from several major upgrades too.

As you would imagine, advances during the past two decades have come in many forms. Software technology has moved on. Workstation Safety Plus has gone from a floppy disk-based product in 1995 to a multi-user, network solution to the web-based solution we enjoy today. There is even the free HealthyWorking App available for smartphones from the Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry App World.

The technology changes that have seen the evolution of Workstation Safety Plus also influenced what the e-learning and the risk assessment was required to cover. Early versions of the e-learning played down the risk of radiation emitted by the old style CRT monitors. Laptops lead to an update in the DSE regulations in 2002 and new advice was required in the course for the few people who occasionally used those devices for work. In fact, for a long time Cardinus was the only provider to have a laptop-specific section in its e-learning.

Chairs got better and better. The desk we use went from rectangular, to curved corner desks and back to a rectangle again. All of these meant new advice, new imagery, and new versions of Workstation Safety Plus.

We have noticed changes in the attitude organisations take towards the regulations here in the UK and their motives for implementing a DSE training and risk management solution. Initially there was a joint purpose for doing something; the regulations finally raised awareness about the way we worked but also gave us a set of standards to aim for and comply with. Then there was a lull in enthusiasm as health and safety professionals everywhere realised how big the task is to manage compliance for hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of employees. Solutions like Workstation Safety Plus were key to making compliance possible.

Organisations were now able to deliver training and carry out risk assessments for all their desk-based staff with a few clicks of the mouse. Workstation Safety Plus went further again by being the first solution to help employees resolve the majority of risk themselves via customisable advice pre-loaded into the software. Previously, this process would have needed an army of DSE assessors. We all gradually learned that long-term injury wasn’t as likely as first thought, but then found that short term discomfort not only effected your employees’ immediate well-being but also their valuable productivity too.

The need for continuous development shows no sign of slowing down as the modern organisation embraces tablet use, smartphones, agile working, home working and many other working trends and technologies.

Having been there at the start and seen so many changes in the last 20 years, Cardinus continues to demonstrate that it is best positioned to be your organisation’s system of choice for the future of ergonomic training and risk management – wherever that takes us.

Cardinus provides DSE/office ergonomic e-learning and risk-assessment software for over 1000 organisations globally.

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