Traditional approaches to ergonomics programme management cost too much time and resource

Although specialised software to help manage ergonomic risks has been around for years, an alarming number of organisations are still battling along with paper-based systems or general purpose software. As a result entire forests are dying and the ergonomics management at these companies is nowhere near as efficient as it could be.

In a recent survey carried out in America, almost two-thirds of companies were still using paper-based systems and just over half were using adapted Office-style software (MS Word, Excel etc.). Clearly, some were using both but only a relatively small proportion, 31 per cent, were using dedicated software to manage ergonomics systems that included analysis, self-assessment, training and data management.

Just under 30 per cent of respondents to the survey said they were in the process of moving towards a specially-designed software system. Adding up the numbers it’s obvious that there is a lot of cross-over and that organisations are in a transition period.

The longer this change takes to work its way through, the more companies using paper and adapted general software could fall behind. Modern ergonomics management systems save users time and money and nothing gives a business a better competitive edge than increasing productivity faster and for less money.

A well-managed ergonomics programme will improve productivity by enabling employees to carry out tasks in a more comfortable, more efficient and safer way. Staff will be healthier and happier.

Using old-fashioned methods to pursue this opportunity is in many ways self-defeating. The demands of administration and data handling create a huge burden. Assessment can take months, training can take months more, follow-up might never happen and records can consume entire rooms.

Ergonomics systems like Workstation Safety Plus from Cardinus Risk Management perform the entire process in a smart, seamless way, helping organisations comply with their health and safety obligations quickly and easily. Cardinus is unique in its data management capability. By deploying its powerful PACE data management system all the diverse needs of all your employees can be met, monitored and reported on.

Give Cardinus a call on 020 7469 0200 or email and arrange a demonstration or a free trial with your office-based employees. You’ll wonder why you stuck with paper and spreadsheets for so long.

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