Your Best Posture is Your Next Posture

Getting the most from a sit-stand workstation by Cynthia Roth. When the office workstation was transformed by the computer in the early 1980s, it was believed the proper ergonomic positioning [...]

Working Together to Beat MSDs

How line managers and HR professionals can work successfully together to manage musculoskeletal conditions in the workplace. Special report by Katherine Taylor and Jonathan Daniel. Sickness [...]

Now is the Time to Tear Down the Silos

There’s a new school of thought emerging that will advance the principles of health and safety integration. Report by Robert Dill. At a time when many employers are questioning their […]

How to Buy an Office Chair

When it comes to office seating, there is no ‘one- size-fits-all’ and there are lots of other important criteria to consider, as Guy Osmond reports. Manufacturers of workplace seating often […]

Fear factor

One of the biggest barriers for creating mentally fit workplaces is fear, says Poppy Jaman of MHFA. Conditions such as anxiety and depression are experienced by one in six workers […]