Ergonomics Assessment Software

Healthy Working is our award-winning online office ergonomics assessment and training software.

The Solution of Choice for 2,000 of the World’s Largest Organizations

Healthy Working is the world’s most widely used ergonomics e-learning and self-assessment software. It helps your employees manage their own discomfort and provides significant return-on-investment.

We know that many are struggling with their current homeworking population. We also know that as workplaces open up many people will either not return immediately, work more flexibly between home and an office or move to a permanent homeworking situation.

Healthy Working supports your staff wherever they are.

Why should your organization use Healthy Working?

  • Reduces admin time and improves employee productivity
  • Mitigates cost of insurance, healthcare and workers’ compensation
  • Lessens injury-related discomfort and MSDs
  • Engages employees and makes them feel that their health is important
Ergonomics Assessment Software
Healthy Working

Why Choose Healthy Working?

  • Customizable ergonomics assessment content that can be changed to meet your requirements
  • Multiple language options
  • Ergonomics risk assessment and training that adapts to the needs of each employee
  • Engaging interactive sequences that help improve the educational process
  • Simple, effective task management and automated communication
  • Helps to meet OSHA worker safety responsibilities
  • Increases compliance levels internally and in regulated territories
  • Allows you to easily identify actions and quickly implement solutions

Enhanced E-Learning for the Modern Worker

Healthy Working has been developed for the modern worker, delivering e-learning that is tailored to the needs of each individual employee according to the way they work. It covers:

  • Desktop computer user
  • Laptop computer user
  • Combined desktop and laptop user
  • Tablet user
  • Laboratory ergonomics
  • Students or young person
  • Home workers

Further variants are also included, such as content for expectant and new mothers, dual monitor users, smart phone use, sit/stand furniture, keyboard trays and much more, making it the most powerful tool for the modern workplace.

Tried and Tested by Thousands of Organizations

We encourage every organization considering Healthy Working to trial it free of charge before they make a final decision. We survey every trial participant for their feedback and the results are impressive:


98% of users consider Healthy Working an effective solution.


99% of users feel that Healthy Working is easy to use.


90% of users are more likely to adjust their workstation after completing Healthy Working if they experience discomfort.


100% of users feel that Healthy Working is easy to understand.

How it Works

Step 1: Ergonomics e-learning

25-35 minutes of e-learning encourages your employees to make adjustments to their workstation. All ergonomics assessment training is customizable to meet the exact needs of your company.

Step 2: Ergonomics self-assessment

Employees conduct their own ergonomics assessment and are given immediate feedback and advice. This helps them to manage and resolve the majority of their ergonomic risk. Video-based stretching exercises and other modules encourage longer-term behavior change.

Step 3: Automated communication

Automated communication ensures your ergonomics risk assessment program becomes proactive and encourages employees to engage.

Step 4: Ergonomics management

Your ergonomics team can use our powerful management module, PACE, to resolve any residual risk that employees are unable to fix themselves and manage ergonomic data. This ensures intervention is targeted, appropriate and results-driven.

Faster, Better Program Management

Healthy Working adopts a powerful module to streamline managing ergonomics in your assessment program. Features include:

  • Search training and ergonomics risk assessment records easily
  • Easily prioritize employees who need intervention
  • Assign tasks and ensure actions are being followed up
  • Automate your email communications to chase completion of tasks
  • Generate comprehensive ergonomics assessment reports
  • Generate charts and sophisticated statistical reports
Video and telephonic interventions from qualified, regional and local language assessors

A Global Solution for a Global Workforce

Alongside the e-learning, self-assessments and action plans that Healthy Working provides, we can offer global telephonic and video-based interventions. Available in many countries across APAC, EMEA, the Americas and Africa.

Assessors will be local, multi-lingual and certified professionals.

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