Ticken | Online Touch Typing Course

Ticken is touch typing software that helps employees master touch typing 50% faster than traditional methods.

Improve Employee Productivity and Posture with Touch Typing

Office-based employees use computers for large portions of their day but on average only around 33% of them can touch type. Touch typing leads to an increase in typing speed and a reduction in typing errors.

What are the benefits of using Ticken software?

  • Increased typing speed and productivity
  • Health benefits over untrained typists
  • Improved IT literacy
  • Teaches employees without impacting work
Ticken | Online Touch Typing Course

Give employees the skill to use their computer properly, teach them touch typing

  • It’s simple to install and easy to use
  • Touch typists do more work and more accurate work than those without this skill
  • Touch typing has many wellbeing benefits including lowered physical and mental fatigue
  • This online course enables users to complete modules wherever or whenever they have time
  • Ticken uses revolutionary training methods so employees learn in half the time of traditional methods.
  • Training is rolled out via automated email and progress tracked centrally for each participant

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