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Tactical Solutions for Your Ergonomics Program.

To aid you in further enhancing your wellness program we’ve organized a web demonstration with our trusted partner BakkerElkhuizen who produce office ergonomic hardware and software solutions.

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Why You Should Attend Our Webinar

During the webinar their new head of US operations, Ryan Pavey will give you an overview of their furniture and ergonomic accessories covering what products are popular around the world and what drives their innovation. Ryan will go on to give more detail on their software solution, which:

  • Help employees manage physical and mental fatigue throughout the day, avoiding burnout and injury
  • Reduces discomfort causing mouse use
  • Coaches individuals with sit-stand furniture in the correct use of this valuable equipment for maximum gains and the avoidance of commonly occurring increased discomfort from improper use
  • Promotes good office ergonomic practice whenever an employee is using their computer

There are only limited spaces available, so sign up now to avoid missing out.

When: Tuesday 6th March, 11:30 Central Time

Duration: 30 minutes