One in six British workers is suffering from a mental health problem and, according to the Centre for Mental Health, anxiety, stress and depression are responsible for about 70 million UK sick days every year. That’s a sad statistic as far as the people affected are concerned and a damaging one for British business.

There is evidence that many of these mental health issues are being caused or aggravated by work. Various types of stress, from pressure of work to lack of support and control, need to be identified and dealt with by employers. There is a simple seven-step stress action plan.

  1. Use sickness absence data, occupational reports and staff turnover rates to identify areas of concern.
  2. Use a trusted stress indicator tool to survey staff.
  3. Train line managers to spot the signs of stress and mental ill-health and deal with them properly.
  4. Adopt e-learning to raise awareness among staff and phrase communication around ‘well-being’.
  5. Conduct return to work interviews.
  6. Carry out stress risk assessments to identify hotspots.
  7. Introduce support measures such as Mental Health First Aid training.

In 2013 Cardinus Risk Management published its acclaimed white paper Mental health and the workplace – understanding and supporting employees. You can obtain a copy by completing the online contact form.

Cardinus can also provide training for staff and management to help you manage employee mental health and well-being internally, to complement the services provided. Risk assessments will look at staff well-being and highlight areas for development.

Cardinus can help develop a stress management system as part of your overall safety management system. The systems will provide the evidence required to demonstrate that your organisation has acted responsibly and considered the mental health and well-being of your employees.

Cardinus can also provide further information on legislation and litigation cases, keeping you up to date on the latest requirements and expectations.

For more information about how Cardinus can help your organisation call 020 7469 0200 or complete the online contact form.

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