Specialist Security Services

Cardinus Security offers a range of specialist services that target specific areas of employee risk. We’ll be there when your staff really need us.


Helping Manage Your Entire Security Risk

Whatever the circumstances, Cardinus Security can help employers and their employees understand the dangers they face when travelling or working abroad and provide solution to mitigate that risk.

Evacuation can be needed where an employee’s personal safety is compromised by natural disasters, political unrest and other high-risk scenarios. In these circumstances, our team can undertake a rapid risk assessment with the aim of extracting the employee to a safer environment.

Kidnap and Ransom
Kidnap and ransom is a high risk in certain parts of the world. We can train staff to spot danger signs and avoid situations where kidnap is likely. And where an employee is taken, will send is a specialist team of trained negotiators to support the recovery effort.

Close protection
In certain circumstances, employees will need the personal protection of a trained security individual or team. We have access to a network of highly skilled associates able to provide this level of support anywhere in the world.

Chauffeur support
Individuals with specific driving skills and abilities can be contracted by employers looking to add a further layer of protection for key employees.

Specialist Services

The services articulated above represent a set of specialist security risk services that can be provided to your organisation. These services are typically not required by the majority of organisations, however, when the need arrives you need to be able to trust an organisation to support you throughout difficult situations.

With expertise built up over many years we can help you to meet these threats and protect your people and assets across the globe.

Global Security Solutions

All our solutions can be delivered anywhere in the world, ensuring that your staff and assets are protected no matter where they are in the world. With a global reach we are well placed to help you augment your security programme, even for more complex, specialist requirements.

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