Ergonomic Assessment for Home and Mobile Workers

Our e-learning program Healthy Working helps you handle the challenges of employees who work at home.

Help Home Workers Easily Manage Their Ergonomics Risk

Managing the health of your homeworkers is easy! Healthy Working is a powerful ergonomics risk assessment tool that supports your whole team, no matter where they’re based.

So why choose Healthy Working for your homeworkers?

  • Ensures home workers get quality ergonomics assessments
  • Reduces employee injuries and injury costs
  • Reduces workers’ compensation costs
  • Improves productivity of homeworkers
Mobile Worker
Healthy Working
Easy Compliance for Home Workers

Comes With a Whole Host of Features:

  • It’s comprehensive, and covers everything that impacts homeworkers
  • Expert-reviewed content including modules on ergonomics, fire safety, electrical safety and many other subjects affecting homeworkers.
  • Full customizable
  • Content that changes depending upon the needs of your employees
  • Content for new and expectant mothers
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Meets all accessibility standards
  • Supports Learning Management System (LMS) integration

A New Way to Assess Mobile Workers

Healthy Working has been developed for the modern worker, wherever they happen to call their office. It delivers tailored e-learning that matches the needs of individual employees according to the way they work. It covers:

  • Desktop computer users
  • Laptop computer users
  • Multi-screen users
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical safety
  • And much more

Further variants are also included, such as content for smart phone use, tablet use and many other modules relevant to home workers, making it the most powerful tool for the modern workplace.

Easy, Effective Risk Assessment Management:

Quickly search training and risk assessment records

Risk scoring allows employees to be easily prioritized

Assign tasks and ensure actions are being followed up

Automated email communications

Comprehensive reporting module

Charting and sophisticated statistical reporting

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