The workplace has changed and is continually evolving. The equipment we use at work is getting smaller, lighter and increasingly portable. Computers have given way to laptops, in turn tablets are becoming the tool of choice, whilst smartphones are with you all the time.

The speed of technological development is quickening and, while this new technology can help improve productivity, there seems little regard for how your employees are responding to their comfort whilst using new technology.

Each time our technology evolves it seems to place us in increasingly poor positions and engage us so much that we spend more time than we expect using them. It isn’t just technology that is changing; our place of work is changing too. So many people now check and respond to emails on the go, not just in the office, but at home, in hotels and even in the car.

Cardinus is fortunate to work with academics from around the world, with regulators, equipment suppliers and workplace practitioners. As a result, we are able to bring together the best guidance and advice in our latest white paper, ‘New technology needs new rules’. This new white paper provides you with the latest information on the changing face of the office and the new challenges posed by how we work.

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